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Europe's Leading Linn Specialist - Owned and operated by former Linn staff.
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House of Linn is Europe's Leading Linn Audio Dealer, owned and run by former Linn senior managers.

Talk to us for the best performance from a home audio system, Hi-Fi system, Home Cinema System, DS Multi-room system, Network Music player, audio streaming, wireless home audio and wireless control. For personal demonstrations of Linn Products, advice, sales, installation, service and aftercare - talk to Brian or Trevor. We are the Linn experts.

We demonstrate the full Linn range and offer the best advice to get the top performance for your budget from Linn Klimax, Linn Akurate and Linn Majik hi-fi components and systems.

We are an authorised Linn Service Centre for any Linn audio component and system including Sondek LP Turntables, servicing, resets and upgrades, including Tonearms - Ekos SE and Akito, Linn Magnet and Moving Coil Cartridges - Adikt, Akiva and Klyde, Power Supplies - Lingo and Radikal, Linn Phono Stages - Linto and Uphorik.

We combine more than forty years of Linn values, knowledge and experience, so our standards and expertise are second to none.

House of Linn is better than any hi-fi shop. Our music demonstration rooms are inside a house, in real living rooms and real living spaces, so you discover how we make your music sound as real in your home - music in one room, or whole home audio. House of Linn is a real house where you discover how we make anything you listen to sound better in your home.