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Linn LP12 T.KABLE available in 1.2 or 1.7 metres.

Top spec arm cable for LP12.

Linn’s new tonearm cables significantly increase performance across the entire turntable range, providing you with an excellent opportunity to contact your customers and let them hear the difference a relatively simple, cost effective update can bring to their deck.

Much of the performance improvement is thanks to a new Linn-designed 5-pin connector which provides a more solid connection to the tonearm. Housed in a sleek aluminium casing, the connector fits into the base of the tonearm pillar for a seamless finish.

In addition to the new connector, a number of changes have been made to the tonearm cable which further enhances performance at each level.

Product enhancements in more detail Linn’s flagship T-Kable has been completely revitalised with the new Linn connector as well as a new, more flexible shielded microphone cable which minimises noise from the turntable. The T-Kable is supplied with Linn’s reference tonearm, Ekos SE, and is also available to buy as an upgrade for use with other tonearms (XLR and RCA versions available).

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1.2M, 1.7M