New Klimax LP12

Featuring a new Radikal Power Supply and Ekstatik Moving Coil Cartridge, the new Klimax LP12 produces an even more musical, pitch-perfect performance at the top of the Linn Sondek LP12 range.

Improved and hyper-accurate speed management, whisper-quiet power supply rails, and cutting-edge motor design, collectively comprise the new Radikal.

New Klimax LP12 performance is fully realised with the breakthrough cartridge Ekstatik.

New Radikal Power Supply

Radikal Motor Control

New Radikal features hyper-accurate speed management which generates sustained, uniform rotation closer to 33⅓rpm than any turntable.

An FPGA managed motor control unit and the latest, precision-engineered motor technology, work in unison to produce ultra-smooth rotation, and Linn’s lowest drift measurements ever. Motor Radikal’s cutting-edge DC motor design generates negligible electromagnetic interference, effectively eliminating it as a source of distortion.

An all-new housing decouples the motor from the deck more effectively. The motor itself features lower noise voltage regulators, and smaller components, making everything electrically quieter than ever.

Radikal Power Supply

The improved board design at the heart of new Radikal incorporates whisper quiet power supply rails – yielding Linn’s all-time lowest noise floor. An all-new, 6-layer board facilitates shorter signal paths, smaller componentry, and minimal overall noise, via dedicated ground and power planes. These quieter, regulated supply rails not only provide impeccably pure power to the motor, but also have the added halo benefit of making Linn Urika phono stages sound even better.

Key Points

13-segment precious metal brushed DC motor – Linn’s most precise and responsive Motor Control Unit ever.

FPGA-managed motor control unit.

Precision engineered motor produces ultra-smooth rotation.

All new 6-layer Radikal board facilitates shorter signal paths, smaller componentry, and minimal overall noise, via dedicated ground and power planes.

Quieter, regulated supply rails have the added halo making Urika/Urika II phono stages sound even better.


The Beautiful Ekstatik

To improve upon the Kandid phono cartridge, Linn investigated materials and alloys, auditioning different materials and configurations for the body, inserts, cantilever, suspension, windings and leads. The result is Ekstatik – the new jewel in the crown of the Linn cartridge range.

This new flagship cartridge sets a new bar for arm/cartridge synergy; its unique construction forges a harmonious unison with Ekos SE, reducing even further unwanted resonances along the Ekos tonearm, and sub-chassis.

Linn’s search for improved sonic benefits from better materials, led to the implementation of aluminium-bronze inserts.

A micro-ridge stylus on a sapphire cantilever makes for an extraordinarily responsive cartridge. Sapphire is far stiffer than boron or aluminium, eliciting less loss between the stylus and cartridge generator. The result is an agile, responsive cartridge, with the added performance yielded from specifying materials matched and constructed in unique configurations.

With a bespoke honeycomb cartridge body, the skeletonized Ekstatik mass is reduced to a mere 7grams!

Key Points

A micro-ridge stylus on a sapphire cantilever for an extraordinarily responsive cartridge.

Aluminium-bronze inserts, reap the sonic benefits of this alloy.

Bespoke honeycomb cartridge body reduces mass to a mere 7g.

EKSTATIK is Linn’s new flagship cartridge designed to outperform Kandid MC cartridge

UK Pricing including VAT and fitting

Ekstatik: £5,500

Radikal (machined casework): £6,500

Radikal (standard casework): £4,250

Radikal Upgrade (new motor, new Radikal board): £1,750

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