Fantastic evening watching and listening to a wonderful and entertaining presentation by Phil Budd, Linn’s senior acoustic engineer and the man behind Linn’s unique Exakt technology.

During his 90 minute presentation, Phil explained and demonstrated how Exakt, builds on Linn DS to extend the lossless digital path all the way to the speaker, keeping the signal digital and only converting to analogue at the last possible stage to ensure absolute accuracy of data, guaranteed low latency, extremely low jitter, and extreme precision synchronisation between speakers.

Even when the speakers were moved from the ideal listening position to the “practical” position, the music sounded fantastic and not as compromised as one might think, due to the compensations made by the Exakt Room Optimisation software.
Thank you to Phil and to all of our guests.

We have both Akurate and Klimax Exakt systems on demonstration at House of Linn, so don’t hesitate to call and listen to the best!

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