Exciting New Sondek LP12 Upgrades

Linn has announced the launch of exciting new Sondek LP12 upgrade components offering even better performance for existing LP12 owners together with a realignment of the Sondek LP12 packages:

Arko – an all-new, original, gimballed tonearm.

Kendo – an elite performance moving coil cartridge; designed to pair perfectly with Arko.

Koil – a formidable entry-level moving coil cartridge.

Krane – Linn’s entry-level tonearm is now available to order as a standalone upgrade.

Selekt LP12 – formerly Akurate LP12, and now with the addition of Arko tonearm and Kendo Moving Coil cartridge fitted as standard.

Majik LP12 with Krane Tonearm and Koil MC Cartridge or with Krane Tonearm and Adikt MM cartridge.

ARKO Tonearm

ARKO is Linn’s first entirely new in-house tonearm since 2006. Linn says it has “greatly improved rigidity, precision, and coupling throughout the arm wand assembly, thanks to machined and cold-drawn 7075 aluminium specified throughout; and the ultra-stable gimbal platform facilitates superb bearing concentricity and alignment.” The gimbal design offers greater inherent stability and rigidity than alternative designs such as unipivots. “This results in an improved sense of depth, impact, and emotion for the listener”. 7075-grade aluminium is used exclusively throughout the arm — from headshell to gimbal — with the resultant material synergy and coupling effectively banishing undesirable resonances, resulting in improved rigidity, more fluid motion, and greater bearing stability and concentricity. These qualities, together with the unparalleled material synergy achieved by specifying 7075-grade aluminium, make Arko a fundamentally simple yet highly refined tonearm.

Kendo MC Phono Cartridge

Developed from Linn’s Flagship Eksatik Cartridge design, the Kendo MC cartridge is a more affordable, high-performance cartridge that retains the same core design principles and is one of a new breed of Linn cartridges offering a neutral, balanced, and uncoloured presentation.

Kendo has a nickel-coated 7075 aluminium body, the same grade of aluminium used in the Arko tonearm, making the Kendo a perfect partner facilitating superb material synergy throughout the tonearm system, and effectively banishes unwanted resonances away from the delicate generator, along the arm, and out through the sub-chassis.”

Like Ekstatik, Kendo features aluminium-bronze threaded inserts, which helps to convey much of the subtle warmth of vinyl playback, and levels its balance beautifully between crisp presentation and musical performance.”

Koil Moving Coil Cartridge

Koil is Linn’s new Majik-level cartridge and the perfect first step onto the ladder of premium moving coil models. It offers a step up in performance from Linn’s moving magnet Adikt – either as an upgrade for existing Majik or legacy Sondek LP12 owners, or fitted as standard to a newly purchased Majik LP12 MC.

Selekt LP12

Akurate LP12 Linn’s mid-range turntable package is now Selekt LP12 with Arko tonearm and Kendo Moving Coil cartridge fitted as standard.

Majik LP12 with Krane Tonearm and Koil MC Cartridge

Linn’s Krane tonearm has been included with every new Majik LP12 shipped since 2020. Linn now offers this tonearm as a standalone component. This static-balanced design tonearm is hand-assembled with high-quality aluminium and stainless-steel components. It features a polished tungsten and sapphire vertical bearing, with a dual ceramic horizontal bearing assembly, both of which provide very low friction and rotational mass.

The entry-level Majik LP12 is now available in two variants – Majik LP12 MM, with Adikt moving magnet cartridge and Majik LP12 MC with the new Koil moving coil cartridge.

Linn’s cartridge range is now expanded to offer six distinct performance levels – Adikt, Koil, Krystal, Kendo, Kandid, and Ekstatik.

Pricing including installation:

Arko Tonearm £3,000

Krane Tonearm £1,350

Kendo MC Cartridge £2,800

Koil MC Cartridge £800

Selekt LP12 £10,570

Majik LP12 MC £3,675

Majik LP12 MM £3,450

We have been listening with these remarkable new components and encourage you to contact us for a demonstration.