2014 sees the arrival of the next phase of Klimax Exakt Tunebox development, making the groundbreaking performance of Exakt available to an even wider group of Linn owners.

The next loudspeakers to benefit from this breakthrough technology are Akurate 242 and Akubarik passive, with delivery coming in the next two months.

Klimax Exakt Tunebox Upgrade package includes a Klimax Exakt DSM, a pair of Klimax Exakt Tuneboxes along with balanced cables* for connection of the Tuneboxes to the power amplifiers.

Klimax Exakt Tuneboxes are now supplied with the relevant and upgradeable software filters for the specific loudspeaker types.

Therefore, if Linn EXAKT loudspeakers are changed in the future a simple Konfig update will make the Tunebox compatible with the new Exakt loudspeaker system.

Klimax Exakt Tunebox for Keltik Speakers

Klimax Exakt Tuneboxes are already available for Klimax / Artikulat 350P and Komri loudspeakers.

Contact us now and start planning your journey to Exakt for best performance.



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