Chord Signature

The Signature Tuned ARAY  uses separately shielded oxygen free copper silver-plated conductors in Tuned ARAY conductor geometry, PTFE insulation and dual layer foil and high density braid shielding effective to very high frequencies. The outer jacket of each conductor is FEP and the cable is held in the correct configuration with black braided outer jacket.

The Signature range is fitted with PTFE plug surrounds. While not as strikingly beautiful as the previous acrylic versions, they produce a markedly better performance. There’s a degree of extra clarity and a reduction in mechanical noise.  Enough of an improvement for customers with older cables with acrylic plug surrounds to return their cables to be fitted with the PTFE version.

As with all Chord cables - pretty much any quality connector combinations are available at a length to suit, just let us know what you require and we will get back to you!


Signature Tuned ARAY Analogue RCA

A perfect example of why Tuned ARAY cables are so special. Hugely revealing, with wonderful musical transparency.  It can transform players that cost little more than the cable.  Combine any decent mid-price player with Signature Tuned ARAY to produce a thrilling musical performance.

Signature Tuned ARAY tone arm cable

Hand-built Tuned ARAY tone arm cable. Fitted with straight or right-angle arm connectors. 1.2m length as standard, with custom lengths and other specifications available to order.


Signature Tuned ARAY Analogue DIN

Producing the Signature Tuned ARAY meant redesigning the internal conductors. Given how popular Sarum cables were with Naim owners, the new Signature conductors had to be suitable for DIN plugs. Signature Tuned ARAY DIN cables bring smaller Naim systems alive in the same way Sarum transforms their bigger system

Signature Tuned ARAY Analogue XLR

XLR cables often use two conductors to carry the signals and the shield for earth. We add a third identical conductor for the return signal on the Chord Signature. The shield is out of the circuit and unwanted interference is reduced.


Signature Digital Super ARAY

Signature Digital cables have been updated and are now the only cables outside of the Sarum and ChordMusic ranges to feature the Super ARAY conductor configuration. There is good reason for this and a big step-up in performance.

Signature Super ARAY AES/EBU

At some point in the very late nineties a particularly well thought of DAC and CD transport began to appear with an XLR socket alongside the coaxial and Toslink sockets. It was we think, the first appearance of a pro-audio digital connection called AES/EBU on domestic equipment and prompted Chord to design a cable to suit.


Signature Super ARAY streaming cable

If you’re using Tidal or you’ve invested time ripping your music collection, try using this between your switch and streamer. It isn’t an Ethernet cable, it’s a hand assembled interconnect using Super ARAY conductor geometry and it’s built to make the music you stream sound more musically involving.

Signature Tuned ARAY USB

With a music orientated laptop and USB DAC, this cable can form an important part of a remarkable alternative music source.  It’s designed and built to carry the digital signal between a laptop and DAC extremely accurately. The only commonality between this and a USB cable are the plugs.


Signature Reference speaker cable

Another product that didn’t need a press release or a review. It took off so fast by word of mouth that for a while there was almost a permanent waiting list. There’s a sound stage big enough to step into and accurate enough to pick individual performers out of an orchestra.

Signature bi-wire speaker links

Designed to replace the pressed metal versions used to bridge the inputs on bi-wireable speakers. Startling improvements to sound quality.  Easy to fit - Signature links will work with any speaker cable.


Signature ARAY power cable

With the knowledge Chord gained from the development of high frequency effective shielding, they were finally able to produce a power cable that was consistent in performance from system to system.