booplinth – “Finally a Better Sounding Plinth Upgrade Reveals Even Better Performance from The Linn LP12 – Just Listen”





As Linn Specialists, we look for ways of producing even better sound quality from our components and systems. Our passion for vinyl and the Linn Sondek LP12 turntable led us to produce a new, advanced and better engineered plinth for the LP12. Our goal was to apply the highly effective acoustic isolation properties of bamboo to a new and advanced plinth, designed to reduce vibrations from external influences by more effectively housing and isolating all of the LP12’s component parts. Booplinth is designed and engineered specifically to reveal even better LP12 performance. Booplinth is developed to our listening specifications to reveal more of the recorded information from vinyl,  expertly engineered and machined complete from a solid block of bamboo laminate

Our knowledge and use of effective acoustic isolation goes back many years.

The benefit of using booplinth to more effectively house and support LP12 components is a more revealing and a more musical presentation from vinyl recordings. Booplinth offers low mass and structural rigidity combined with the highly effective acoustic isolation properties of bamboo. Each booplinth is machined to very tight tolerances complete from a solid laminated bamboo block  to produce a completely rigid and low mass LP12 plinth designed to reduce vibrations from external influences by more effectively housing and isolating all of the LP12’s component parts.

This advanced approach to plinth design, construction and manufacture, delivers a low-mass, solid and stable plinth that avoids old-fashioned, traditional plinth construction methods of gluing, screwing and clamping sides and corner bracings. Because booplinth is machined from solid, and is completely rigid, there is no need for the four corner bracings used in traditional LP12 plinths. Our listening tests revealed that booplinth sounded even better without the traditional four corner bracings. Booplinth has just one corner bracing to secure the Linn top plate.

During development, we listened with various prototype LP12 plinths, until we were completely satisfied that our final specification booplinth revealed more information, and far exceeded the musical presentation offered by traditional plinth constructions. We first listened with LP12 plinths made from MDF to establish our tooling parameters and then with prototype bamboo plinths. In use, the high mass MDF prototypes added a very coloured and thick sound with over emphasised bass and lower midrange frequencies, while the light and rigid low-mass booplinth prototypes gave us what we had hoped for – greater transparency and a more neutral and tonally well-balanced sound.  With booplinth we observed more musical detail, and a more balanced and natural musical presentation with greater insight to the mix that could not be heard with traditional mplinth constructions.

A booplinth upgrade provides a more revealing performance from the Linn Sondek LP12, even with Linn entry-level specification arm, cartridge and power supply.

Arrange a booplinth demonstration with us and just listen to the surprising and revealing booplinth difference!

booplinth key features:

booplinth is machined from solid bamboo laminate block. No glued, screwed or clamped sections.

booplinth is a lightweight, rigid and strong, low mass construction.

booplinth offers a more revealing presentation, reduced colouration, is tonally well-balanced with greater transparency and dynamics

booplinth presents more of the recorded detail with natural, leaner, nimble and more fluid bass and more insight to the mix.

booplinth is a beautiful and natural bamboo finish. booplinth is easily fitted by qualified Linn specialists.

booplinth accommodates all Linn mechanics, lid, Linn top plate, arm board, base board or Trampolin

booplinth is a registered design developed by brianandtrevors exclusively for The Booplinth Company:

booplinth is available to order from brianandtrevors and other retailers who care to say boo!

brianandtrevors booplinth demonstration, upgrade and installation service available.

booplinth suggested retail price: £1,650:00 inclusive of VAT and fitting by brianandtrevors.

Specialist LP12 dealer enquiries welcome



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