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Linn Products - CHAKRA AKTIV

Key Features:
Linn Aktiv crossover cards are small circuit boards which can be mounted inside Linn power amplifiers

Each Aktiv crossover card is individually priced and designed to handle a specific signal type

Maximise the performance of your loudspeaker system to get even more from your music collection

As with all Linn components and systems, to get the best performance from this product requires a House of Linn installation in your home

Going Aktiv is a simple and cost effective way to maximise the performance of your playback system. The performance improvement is so great that it is arguably more significant than upgrading to higher performance loudspeakers in passive configuration.

Almost all Linn loudspeakers can be driven actively with a simple upgrade, whereas the majority of loudspeakers from other manufacturers are passive.

Each drive unit is driven directly

When you go Aktiv each individual drive unit in the loudspeaker is powered by its own power amplifier through a mains-powered electronic Aktiv crossover. This ensures that the drive unit gets exactly the information it is meant to have, so the entire audio spectrum is covered, efficiently, seamlessly and accurately with minimum noise and distortion. This improved reproduction makes for a much more musical and therefore enjoyable experience.

In a passive system, a single amplifier powers all of the drive units in the loudspeaker and a passive crossover filter circuit divides the full range music signal into high and low frequencies, e.g. bass, mid and treble frequencies. The limitations to this type of crossover causes interference between the signal and drive units which can absorb, distort or colour the original signal, so the quality of reproduction is lower as a result, and your enjoyment is lessened.

Minimise cabling joints and connectors

In Linn Aktiv systems the amplifiers and the speakers can be mixed and matched and upgraded independently. The Aktiv crossover modules can be integrated within the amplifier, so installation is neater and cabling joints and connectors are minimised. This delivers improved performance as all additional connections have the potential to detract from overall system accuracy and performance.

Linn Aktiv cards can be quickly and easily installed us. All Linn amplifiers contain advanced circuitry which can automatically sense the presence of Linn Aktiv crossover circuits.

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