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Linn Products - Urika

Key Features:
Dual mono design

New level of clarity and detail

Advanced, unparalled performance from vinyl

Must be used with Radikal power supply, preferential package price availiable - contact us for further details

As with all Linn components and systems, to get the best performance from this product requires a House of Linn installation in your home

Save £550 when purchased with either Radikal power supply options

The Linn Urika moving coil phono stage sits inside the Sondek LP12 and works with the Linn Radikal motor upgrade to deliver a new benchmark in LP12 peformance.

With the phono stage located within the plinth itself, mounted on a new Trampolin design, signal loss and noise are minimised, ensuring a new level of clarity and detail.

Urika features a dual mono design which ensures consistent reproduction of the music on each channel without any potential crosstalk.

Direct coupled RCA or transformer coupled XLR outputs allow you to choose the best connection option for your system and guarantees exceptional performance in all conditions.

Urika is powered by Radikal, the LP12 SE DC motor upgrade, and together these upgrades will take you to an entirely new level of musical accuracy and enjoyment.

Available Colours ::