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Linn Products - Sekrit IW10

Key Features:
Three-way design with high quality bespoke drive units Sealed acoustic enclosure for repeatable high performance, regardless of the wall cavity

Mountable vertically or horizontally for stereo or LCR applications

Dome tweeter with DXT lens technology for accurate high frequency performance with wide dispersion

Horn-loaded mid-range provides excellent clarity 6½ inch bass driver and front baffle port provide powerful bass extension

Can be made fully Aktiv via easy access front panel – no need to remove the speaker from the wall (when already tri-wired)

White perforated grille can be painted to match any décor Pre-installation and retro-fit mounting frames available to fit standard 2 inch by 4 inch stud walls
Sekrit IW10

The Sekrit IW10 in-wall loudspeaker provides a new level of Linn performance from a hidden loudspeaker. Combining Linn’s unrivalled musicality with the convenience of a hidden high performance loudspeaker solution,you can now have the best of both worlds.

The Sekrit IW10 is designed to be installed flush to the wall and comes with a paintable grille to match any décor.

Performance is achieved through a combination of very high quality bespoke drive units, class-leading crossover design and a specially reinforced and stiffened cabinet.

The sealed enclosure provides consistent performance in any wall cavity, and the mounting system provides acoustic isolation from the wall.

Using a tweeter with DXT lens technology provides wide and even dispersion at high frequencies. This ensures consistent performance throughout the listening area and also provides a great deal of flexibility in positioning the loudspeakers.

Impressive bass response from the 6½ inch woofer and port combination means the Sekrit IW10 can be used full range as a stereo pair.

In cinema rooms, or where extra bass is required, it is easy to integrate with sub-woofers or bass reinforcement speakers (such as the Sekrit BR27) using a configuration option that inverts phase and re-sets the bass crossover frequency. A bung is also provided to block off the port in this set-up.

With the tweeter located centrally, the Sekrit IW10 can easily be mounted vertically or horizontally for stereo or Left, Centre, Right applications.

Both pre-installation and retro-fit mounting frames to fit a standard two by four inch stud wall are available to buy separately.

The Sekrit IW10 forms part of Linn’s Sekrit range of products for custom installation that redefine discreet performance without compromise.

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