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Key Features:
Linn Isobarik technology produces exceptionally low and controlled bass from a relatively compact cabinet

2K driver array for clean and controlled high-frequency reproduction and flexible positioning

Down-firing ported bass system allows extended bass and greater positioning flexibility

Isobarik Aktiv mode powers bass drivers actively with only one extra amplification channel per speaker

High quality custom-designed crossovers ensure accurate music reproduction across the full frequency range

Simple upgrade path from single to multi-wiring / amping to Isobarik Aktiv or fully Aktiv

As with all Linn components and systems, to get the best performance from this product requires a House of Linn installation in your home

Majik Isobarik is a four-way floor-standing loudspeaker with a unique isobarik bass system which produces clean, deep bass from a relatively compact cabinet.

Linn's Isobarik technology uses twin 'face-to-face' bass drivers discreetly installed within the base of the speaker cabinet to generate greater bass extension than conventional designs.

The action of two bass drivers working in unison helps reduce distortion in bass frequencies by symmetrically balancing out irregularities to ensure a more linear response to the input current.

Majik Isobarik features Linn’s 2K driver array, which houses two high-frequency drive-units – a tweeter and super-tweeter – in a specially designed cast alloy chassis with surrounding skoop. Acting as a single-point source, Linn's patented driver array technology minimises baffle edge diffraction, reduces distortion effects and maximises dispersion to guarantee exceptionally clean and controlled reproduction of high frequencies.

With genuine omni-directional bass produced by a down-firing ported bass driver, and excellent high-frequency dispersion through the 2K array, the negative effects of room interactions are reduced and a consistently high quality of performance is achieved throughout the room.

Isobarik Aktiv offers a simple introduction to the benefits of Aktiv by powering both bass drivers directly using only one extra amplification channel per speaker, with the option of going fully Aktiv in future.

With classic Linn styling and a range of real wood and high gloss finishes, Majik Isobarik is an exceptional loudspeaker which excels with all types of music.