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Linn Products - Exakt Akudorik

Key Features:
Akurate Exakt System, featuring Akurate Exakt DSM and new Exakt Akudorik loudspeakers.

Combining ground-breaking Exakt performance with compact styling, thanks to an innovative new stand design that integrates Exakt technology, Exakt Akudorik loudspeakers complement any room.

Easily outperforming larger and more expensive conventional systems, the new Linn Akurate Exakt system offers exceptional performance from the latest audio technology at a more accessible price point.
Exakt Akudorik

Innovative Beauty

A stunning work of engineering beauty, Exakt Akudorik is the first speaker of its kind, integrating Exakt technology into a suspension-mounted module housed within the stand.

The stand is fed a digital signal using an Exakt Link connection from the Akurate Exakt DSM.

The stand module contains the Exakt engine and four channels of Chakra 100W power amplification and is suspended to minimise vibration and microphony. The fins on the module passively cool the amplifiers without the need for noisy cooling fans.

A specially designed, recessed 8-way connector passes the Exakt-processed signals through to the speaker drive units from the amplifiers. This connection, made between the top of the stand and the bottom of the loudspeaker, is completely hidden, with no cables visible, keeping the aesthetics clean and precise.

The bass drive unit is augmented by a rear-firing port, enabling the compact enclosure to use more air to produce low frequencies and deliver more bass.

Exakt Akudorik features the same Linn 3K array technology and complex laminated cabinet construction as found on Akubarik, ensuring outstanding dispersion and damping characteristics.

Available in a wide range of stunning finishes, Exakt Akudorik fits perfectly in every living space.

With Exakt technology on-board, the system offers all of the key benefits of a Linn Exakt system: elimination of phase and magnitude distortion; correction for drive unit variation; and optimisation for the listening room.

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