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Linn Products - Klimax Solo

Key Features:
A high performance single speaker power amplifier

A premium performance amplifier, combining accurate, efficient power with Linn reference sound quality

Linn patented ‘noiseless’ Dynamik 4-G power supply and amplification circuitry

Cool running, sleek case machined from solid aluminium that isolates and screens the circuitry

Designed for space sensitive applications – can be wall mounted with Linn’s V-Klip bracket

Matching aktiv crossover system available

As with all Linn components and systems, to get the best performance from this product requires a House of Linn installation in your home
Klimax Solo

The Linn Klimax 500 Solo is Linn’s top performing power amplifier - a high performance single speaker power amplifier designed for use in multi-amplifier, multi-channel audio and audio/visual information and entertainment systems.

Linn’s patented circuitry delivers 500W of clean, silent power with signal pitch accuracy from a cool running LP sized product less than 6cm thick, weighing less than 10 kilos.

The machined-from-solid clamshell construction of the Klimax casework is a beautiful and unique design allowing a variety of options for music, home theatre and custom installation applications.

Several Linn Klimax Amplifiers can be wall mounted with V-Klip brackets where space is a premium, for example with marine applications.

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