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Linn Products - KLIMAX KONTROL

Key Features:
Linn’s flagship pre-amplifier

Technological and aesthetic excellence

Pitch accurate sound

Cool running, sleek case machined from solid aluminium isolates and screens the circuitry

Short signal path optimises purity and accuracy

Three line level inputs, one balanced input

As with all Linn components and Linn systems, to get the best performance from this product requires a House of Linn installation in your home

The Linn KLIMAX KONTROL pre-amplifier is Linn’s highest performance stereo presamplifier designed to complement Linn KLIMAX power amplification both sonically and aesthetically.

The machined-from-solid clamshell construction of the Linn KLIMAX casework is a beautiful and unique design that screens, protects and stabilises the internal electronics. Inside there are four circuit boards, one an auto ranging slimline power supply providing silent power to the unique audio circuit board.

The display and control boards are separated from the audio board to keep the audio signal path as clean as possible.

This complete product gives unsurpassed stereo performance from a compact audio component.

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