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Linn Products - Klimax EXAKT BOX

Key Features:
Delivers the ultimate in EXAKT performance and flexibility from your externally Aktiv Linn system

Can be used with all Linn Aktiv loudspeakers both past and present with the addition of third party speakers

Six mono or three stereo pair configurable

Call Brian or Trevor for the latest range of supported loudspeakers and discuss our Home Demo option for ExaktBox!

The Klimax Exakt Tunebox delivers the ultimate in performance and flexibility from your externally Aktiv Linn system.

Supplied as an upgrade package with Klimax Exakt DSM, the Klimax Exakt Tunebox houses the Exakt Engine. This means digital crossovers, digital volume controls and advanced analogue-to-digital converters deliver the most accurate signal ever to each power amplifier in your Aktiv system. Not only does this improve the performance of your system, but it also enables your Linn specialist to personalise your system to your home, using Exakt’s room and speaker placement optimisation software.

Klimax Exakt Tuneboxes are currently configurable for use with Komri, Klimax 350 and Artikulat 350. Configurations for Akurate 242 and Keltik will soon be available.

Available Colours ::