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Linn Products - Linn Klimax DS

Key Features:

Linn Klimax DS

  • Linn Katalyst DAC
  • Will improve any hi-fi system
  • The best network music player available
  • Plays your CD collection and higher resolution Studio Master downloads
  • Variety of touchscreen control options available

As with all Linn components and systems, to get the best performance from a Linn Klimas DX requires a House of Linn installation in your home.

Linn Klimax DS

Linn Klimax DS is the first authentic hi-fi product to stream digital music over a standard home network, setting the benchmark as the highest performance digital music player in the world.

With on-board volume control, simply add Linn Klimax DS to a pair of 350A loudspeakers for a simple, compact and truely mind-blowing system! There can be no doubt that Linn Klimax DS is set to shape the future of music and how you access and listen to recorded music.

Linn Klimax DS supports the highest quality audio formats currently available (FLAC* and WAV), and plays all high quality audio sample rates and bit depths natively.

Downloaded music and CDs are stored remotely on a secure, reliable, flexible and upgradeable Network Attached Storage (NAS) Hard-Drive.

Available Colours ::