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Linn Products - Klimax Chakra Twin

Key Features:
Reference quality stereo power amplifier

Linn CHAKRA high-efficiency, ultra-linear audio circuitry

Cool running, sleek case machined from solid aluminium that isolates and screens circuitry

Designed for space sensitive applications – can be wall mounted with Linn’s V-Klip bracket

Dynamik Power Supply

Matching aktiv crossover system available

As with all Linn components and systems, to get the best performance from this product requires a House of Linn installation in your home
Klimax Chakra Twin

The Linn KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin is an exceptional stereo power amplifier which features Linn’s new CHAKRA audio circuitry and combines outstanding performance with stunning looks.

Designed for use as a stand-alone stereo power amplifier or in multi-amplifier and multi-channel high quality entertainment systems, the Linn KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin delivers consistent performance, controlled power and pure sound and is simply the finest stereo power amplifier Linn has ever made.

The Linn KLIMAX Twin features Linn’s latest CHAKRA* audio circuitry, a proprietary new high-efficiency topology which delivers precisely controlled power at all listening levels. Offering signal pitch-accuracy, ultra-linear power delivery, efficiency and reliability, the circuitry deploys up to 100 W into 8 ohms and 200 W into 4 ohms of clean, silent power.

All of this performance in a cool-running LP sleeve sized product, less than 5 cm thick that weighing less than 10 kilos.

The machined-from-solid clamshell construction of the Linn KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin casework is a beautiful and unique design that allows a variety of installation options for music and cinema applications.

The compact case housing the Linn KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin protects, screens and stabilises the internal electronics and forms a heat exchanger that dissipates the power from the amplifier circuitry. A central cooling channel and low-noise fan assist cooling during operation.

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