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Linn Products - Exakt Akubarik

Key Features:
Floor Standing Loudspeaker with Linn 3K Driver Array creates a consistent single point source of musical information

Exakt fully Aktiv variant of the stunning Akubarik

Fully Aktiv on-board direct connection for short signal path

New Exakt module design - simple discreet connections

Digital Exakt Activ Filtering with Chakra Amplification Isobarik design to deliver pitch accurate, deep musical bass

Phase distortion eliminated

Room variants catered for by Linn's room optimisation software

One-piece aluminium stand provides a strong foundation for the floorstander, reducing cabinet vibration, improving overall performance and musicality.

As with all Linn components and systems, to get the best performance from this product requires a House of Linn installation in your home
Exakt Akubarik

Now Exakt Ready!!!

40 years of Linn loudspeaker knowledge and expertise have been applied to produce Akubarik - a new Linn loudspeaker that stands apart from the crowd.

Akubarik includes a host of ground-breaking technical developments as well building on key technologies from Linn's reference Klimax 350A loudspeakers.

What’s Special About Akubarik?.......

There are many aspects to Akubarik that make it a very special loudspeaker - here are some of the highlights:

With Aktiv filters and Chakra power amplification all on one board, the circuit layout is optimised for the shortest signal path, eliminating interconnections and reducing noise.

Powered by Linn's latest generation Dynamik, the loudspeaker is completely silent, thanks to efficient and passive cooling without the need for a fan.

Linn's unique 3K driver array houses the mid-range, tweeter & super-tweeter drive units close together to replicate a single point source with wide dispersion, ensuring great sound wherever you listen.

Linn have returned to their roots with an isobarik bass system cleverly concealed in the lower section of the loudspeaker cabinet to produce lots of rich, deep bass within a surprisingly compact package.

Already being hailed the ‘Baby Klimax 350A’, Akubarik takes design cues from Linn's reference loudspeaker. But the curves not only look beautiful, they’ve been designed with great sound in mind.

Completing the Akurate system, Akurate DSM and Akubarik loudspeakers offer a new level of performance and simplicity, and provide the best value system available in the market at this price point.

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