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Linn Products - Linn Custom 106C

Key Features:
2K array technology for wider dispersion

Acoustic enclosure for consistent high performance

Amazing performance from in-wall loudspeakers

Passive and Aktiv options for stereo and multi-channel music and movies

Paintable grille and enclosure
Linn Custom 106C

Linn Custom Installation Loudspeakers represent an effortless solution for discreet, high performance audio. All variants feature 2K array technology, derived from Linn's reference loudspeakers.

The 2K array provides a wider dispersion to fill the room with high quality sound. The Linn Custom 2K series acoustically complements Linn's Komponent loudspeaker system, which incorporates the same 2K array, and so can be mixed and matched in installations where space is limited.

All variants incorporate an optimised acoustic enclosure to ensure a consistently high performance regardless of the wall or ceiling type.

The Linn Custom 2K series has been designed to fit discreetly sitting flush with wall or ceiling. The loudspeakers are available in white, however the grilles and surround can be painted.

Available Colours ::