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Client Testimonials

Some of the emails we have received from our customers:

Hi Guys,

Many thanks for your expertise in fixing my Sondek in August 2014. My system is now up & running & sounding great here in the north of Scotland, as I travelled 792miles for your expertise.

When I upgrade I will be in touch again.

Many thanks & a good year ahead for you both.

Best wishes,


Hi Brian and Trevor.

Its been a while since you updated the secondhand LP12 for me and I have been meaning to contact. Thank you so much for firstly taking the time to listen to the various LP12's that was quite and experience. I have the deck sat on an Aticama Eris Eco stand with the Naim stuff on the same stand. I know its not perfect yet and a wall stand would work better. But I have to say that the sound from the LP12 is fantastic. I had forgotten just how good vinyl can be.

Just a line to say thanks for the time and trouble you took and for the updates to the LP12.. Its well beyond my expectations.


Cranage Hall Audioshow-best demo

I've just got back from the Cranage Hall Audioshow near Holmes Chapel in Cheshire.

Brian and Trevor's demo of the Akurate level Exact system was the most gob-smackingly convincing, amazing, dynamic, realistic, without a doubt the best reproduction of a musical event at the show, and that I've ever heard, by miles.

It was nice to meet you too at last Brian.


Linn Forum Posting June 2014

Jazz Saxophonist Nat Birchall Presents Coltrane, House of Linn, April 25th from 8pm

What a great evening!

Nat Birchall gave real insight, and I came away with much more understanding of music I've been listening to for years. Could be costly, though, filling in the gaps in my Coltrane vinyl collection.....

David Neel, Linn Forum member posting April 26th, 2013.

I drive 90 minutes to get to my current dealer passing other dealers on the way. The 2 guys there are ex-Linn but are not engrained with the idea that there is only one way. They deal with a great deal of the top end products, but my mid-range aspirations and need to buy second-hand (from them or others) on occasion is not frowned upon, but embraced and discussed with enthusiasm. They spend a good deal of time with me, they always make a drink available, we discuss the merit of Linn versus other products, they advise but don’t direct, we chat about music and have become trusted advisors to me. They’re interested in the music I take with me and then work out other artists I’ll probably like and play that too. They are interested in my thoughts on what I’m hearing and adjust their recommendations for the next steps accordingly. There are good deals to be made where there are combinations and options to consider - there are no bargains but the service is so good that I just don’t begrudge them a decent price. Good evening events too. When finished what I’ve called in for, if the kit is available then they’re happy to let me listen to something they know is way out of my price range whilst they get on with their other work. I suppose they listen, advise, respect, accommodate, deliver a great service and spot a long term spender when they see one!

Linn Forum member posting, by sunbeamgls, January 15 2013,


All I can say is "wow" - my re-born LP12 is now installed, and I'm sitting in my office at home listening with a glass of wine. Well, I say "I" but actually I mean "we" because my ears tell me that Ella Fitzgerald is actually in the room with me!

I knew I'd really be able to understand the difference when I got it back to the room and amp/speakers I've heard it on before, and indeed it's better by some significant margin. I can hear everything on this recording, and an already beautiful voice is now sublime.

What a great experience from House of Linn. I can't imagine I'll ever want to visit a high-street hi-fi "dealer" again after this - from beginning to end, superb advice, service and workmanship, in a fantastically relaxed environment.

Once again, thanks for taking me through the options for "my Dad's old record player" - if you haven't guessed, I'm very pleased with the result of your work. (Incidentally - feel absolutely free to quote me as a reference!)

Best regards,


Hello Brian and Trevor,

Firstly may I say what a pleasant (but expensive :-) ) couple of hours was spent at the House of Linn this afternoon, I was able to relax, and in so doing, I was able to focus properly, listen to your advice, and then to make my mind up about what I truly needed from you, and not stressed into making an error of judgment, again thank you.

I would also like to inform you that I have decided to commit and accept your kind offer of the ex-demo Akito II tonearm and Addikt cartridge - after looking again on the web, I found that most of the (slightly) negative reviews were for the previous model which had non-metal bearings and were prone to stick I believe - whereas the Akito II has brass bearings I think, and as you said this afternoon is a superior model. So I am going to take your experienced advice and inform you of my commitment to buy these two items from you at a very fair price.

Sincerely Dave

Hi Brian and Trevor

Re LP12,

Just to say thanks for the upgrade. Fantastic sound. Didn't think it was possible to get any more from Donald Fagen's The Nightfly but it most certainly is. No problem with the connections, there is about 1cm between them.

Now, back to that record collection!

Many thanks, once again,


Hello Brian and Trevor,

To let you know our system is sounding great,better than ever. Anyone out there with Linn problems should seek out your assistance.

Without your knowledge the whole system may have been boxed and forgotten,so thanks again for your help,

Best wishes

Mark and Alex.

Hi Brian

Re: House of Linn.....wonderful!

Just to let you know, not only is everything working well but it blows our old gear into the weeds.

I was quite attached to my old Cyrus Amp however all I can say is…Cyrus R.I.P. Long Live Linn!

We would both like to say Thank You.. for the Brian and Trevor experience and kind hospitality whilst we were having our Linn LP12 upgraded and now the great addition of the Majik DS-1…..never has our music sounded so good and involving.

Sincerely, both yourself and Trevor were so attentive and knowledgeable ….we’ll be back!!

Please also pass on our kind regards to Trevor and hope that he will be back in the fold soon.

Take Care

Bob and Margaret

Brian and Trevor

Thanks very much for sorting out everything and for all your help with my system. We really do appreciate all that you have done and now the whole system seems to be working brilliantly and sounds absolutely fantastic.

Best regards


Brian, this is awesome!!!!

Smiling so hard that my jaw is aching!

Many thanks to you and Trevor.


Dear Trevor & Brian,

Thank you for your advice and help. It is really good to know there is someone out there in case of an emergency.

You are like the 5th emergency service after the AA!!!!!!!!!


Hi Brian and Trevor,

Thanks again for the superb service.

I haven’t stopped listening to the LP12.

It sounds awesome!!!

Keep well


Dear Brian and Trevor
Firstly, I would like to thank you for the fantastic job you did of resetting my system, rectifying the errors implemented by the previous dealer and fitting the upgraded skeets. The end result is a system which is vastly improved and absolutely packed with tunes.

Masses of additional detail have been revealed with a clarity and focus never present till now - the system really sings. My wife came up from our office after you left and asked how we got on - my reply was "pick a favourite song and listen". Her verdict: a big smile and "stunning".

Needless to say we have spent many hours since you left going through our music collection and some of the improvements which we have heard are amazing.

You have two very happy customers.

I am certain that the levels of skill and commitment make you the best Linn dealer in the north by a large margin.

I will be recommending you to all my friends and will definitely come to you for all my future equipment.

Once again many thanks for your help.


Hi Trevor

Just a quick email to express our sincere thanks for your extreme patience and time with a couple of numpties who have absolutely no computer knowledge when it comes to pointy edge hi-fi technology!

At last we have what I can only be described as one hulluva music system. Didn’t think music could sound so good! We just have a massive CD collection to climb in ripping all the CDs we possess.

Once again, a thousand thank you’s.

Kindest regards as always.


Thanks again for your phone call and help. Its all sorted now - what great customer service.



Hi Trevor

We would like to express our sincere thanks to you and Brian for all your time and very kind hospitality shown to us today during our visit to House of Linn. Your demonstration of the Linn Majik system was excellent. Thanks again for a great day.

Best regards

Hi Trevor

Thanks again for your skillful installation and time on Friday.

We had a couple of late nights over the weekend – just kept putting on another and another record and enjoying every one.

Hope to see you soon.

Hello Brian and Trevor

A big thank you for a very enjoyable evening. The new upgrade is fantastic. I mentioned to Trevor about coming in to order the rest of my system. I will also bring my LP12 in for a service.


Hi Brian and Trevor

Just a quick note to thank you for another enjoyable visit to the House of Linn. It was good to meet other people interested in Linn equipment. I had a good chat with the guy who likes drums and David Crosby. I didn’t get his name, but I hope he gets a DS.


Dear Brian

We all had a very enjoyable evening and thank you both again for the invitation. I can honestly say that I have never heard music sounding so good and the relaxed condition that you created presented a perfect environment for allowing us to just listen to the music.

Best wishes

Hi Trevor and Brian

Thanks for the DS evening, it was thought-provoking and enjoyable. Trevor asked me to let him know how I went on with the Adikt at home. It sounds really good and I am very pleased with your excellent service.

All the best and many thanks

Hi Trevor

I really appreciate you turning around the service on my LP12 so fast, it is sounding greatly improved, many thanks.

I will give you a call to discuss possible options on the way forward.

Kind regards

Hi Guys

Just a line by way of thanks for last night. Thanks for the tea and coffee by the way!

Many thanks for fitting the Dynamiks. When I arrived home, I connected the ADS into my study system and after an hour or so, it seemed to be setting down.

Thanks for letting me listen to your Klimax system – Absolutely amazing – I will remember that experience for a long time!

All the best and thanks once again.

Hi Trevor

Happy to know the flight home was safe (and the driving too...)

As I explained to you during my visit, doing business with you has been a very rewarding experience.

The fact that you care about your customers so much is the main reason that motivated me to speed up the upgrade of my system with House of Linn.

Wy wife could not believe that you were going to come to our home to set up the system! Now she is speechless..

Very best regards

Afternoon Chaps

I trust you had a safe journey home – thanks for last night, really enjoyed it. We settled down to some serious listening after you left and stayed up till midnight – I spent most of the evening chuckling at what we could now hear. Even the wife was impressed which takes some doing.


Hi Trevor

Thanks again for your efforts during the install. We are getting to grips with the system and so far has no glitches.

Best wishes to you and Brian

Hi Brian and Trevor

Many thanks for your time and hospitality. What an improvement: not only more of everything (and more clearly) but a significantly more realistic portrayal of the interaction between the musicians/instruments, which makes greater sense of the music overall. I’m struck by the difference and it’s still improving.

Once again, what a pleasure to deal with you and will be in touch when circumstances next dictate.

Best regards

Hi Trevor

I just wanted to write to thank you for all your help when you came to my flat last month and the information below you followed up with Linn.

The system is sounding great - thank you so much again for all your help. Could I return the favour at all by providing you a reference for your marketing or website? Linn dealers usually have decent facilities and provide good service but I was particularly impressed with your set-up and really grateful for the fantastic advice and service you've provided since. If it would be of any use I'd be more than pleased to provide you with something to describe all that.

So, sorry for the delay and thanks again - and hope to see you soon!

Hi Brian/Trevor,

My system has never sounded better these days and so I should spend more time in front of it than the PC!

All the best,

Hi Brian,

I could hardly believe it: the sneaky music ds came in only about 10min and sound, if I may say so!

Many thanks again for your very fast and excellent service.

Have a nice day,

Hi Brian,

Thank you for your excellent service. It was a real pleasure for me to trade with you.

I wish you a very good evening.

Kind regards,

Brian, Trevor,

Just a quick note to say thanks for the delivery and installation of the Majik DSI.

I'll stay in touch and call in if I'm passing and it's convenient for you.

Of course, you are both welcome to call in here at Wales too if you are going by or fancy a trip to the Welsh countryside.

System sounds great, and I still can't get over the common interaction between player and various control points which all work a treat.

All the best for now,


Hi Brian and Trevor

Just a short note to let you know that I am very happy with the Majik DS-I. It's significantly better than the Sekrit DS-I-sonically it's chalk and cheese I would say.

Thanks again for sorting it all out.

Kind regards

Hi Brian and Trevor

Many thanks for an excellent day on Saturday and for providing refreshments etc. It was most certainly worth the drive up to Manchester and I will be in contact later this week to confirm the order for the Klimax DS.

Thanks once again for your help and advice.

Best regards

Hi Trevor & Brian

Thanks for this and thanks again for the installation.

I am very pleased-the Klimax DS sounds fabulous - it's hard to know what it's going to sound like in your own home until you get in there but I have to say that it's wonderful and I can't imagine not having it which after just a couple of days intense listening is saying something!

All the best

Hi there,

Many thanks again for the extensive opportunities of testing the Linn products on Friday!

I am now looking forward to receive the DS I and am looking for an opportunity to test some loudspeakers for the next upgrade.


Hi Trevor,

Hope you guys are well and had a great Christmas and New Year in the snow.

Listening to the DS again. Have to say this is probably the best piece of HiFi I have ever bought.

I spent 4 weeks in Peru and put the QNAP in storage powering it down and backed up my music files okay.

What are you listening to at the moment, anything worth investigating? The Joe Bonamassa and Tony Bennett albums are getting played a great deal.

All the best

Dear Brian and Trevor,

Back in Germany a busy week has nearly passed and I always remember our great visit at your House-of-Linn.

My nephew and me enjoyed it very very much to spend some hours with both you and we envy you of having the opportunity to listen to Linn equippment every day.

I am especially thankful for the extraordinary comparison of the different DS streamers. It was deeply impressed and surprised to realize how enormous the difference between Majik, Akurate and Klimax is.

You really made me thinking about getting to a DS system although firstly I had the idea to stay with normal CD (SACD)-music with my fabulous Unidisk 1.1.

And thinking, wishing and longing for any upgrade is nearly the same pleasure than to listen to it.

Thanks again, also for your great hospitality

Hi, Brian and Trevor,

Apologies for staying so long today but I was really enjoying our chat and your coffee is just too good. Good coffee and good conversation; I could have stayed for hours, so you had a very lucky escape.

Thank you very much for looking at my ancient Karik. It really was kind of you not to charge me for your valuable time, and I really appreciate all the help you have given to me.

Best wishes to you both,

Dear Brian and Trevor,

A quick mail to say a huge thank you for your hospitality and thoughtful help and advice at House of Linn on Friday.

I enjoyed a really useful day and came away with my musical curiosity well and truly reawakened.

I shall be in touch again shortly.

best regards,
P. Dear Brian and Trevor

The improvement of my system is HUGE.

I will recommend you to my friends and I would probably do business with you in the future, for example for a Linn DS, brand new or approved used of higher level.

Have a nice summer and long hours of music listening :)

Best regards,

Hi Guys

Loving the music again and so pleased I got in contact.

I love the player. No comparison to what I owned before, beautifully open soundstage, crystal clear detail and an open spacious delivery of the music that I was not expecting at this price point at all. It sounds right for me and I am really pleased, so once again thank you both.

It just remains for me to wish you a very happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

I will be back.

Very best regards,

Hi Trevor

Yes, I got it home OK and it sounds fabulous! Very pleased indeed thank you.

I have also received confirmation from Linn of the full 5 year warranty, which is great.

Thanks again for all your help. I’ll look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Dear Brian and Trevor,

Many thanks for an enjoyable listening session yesterday. I look forward to getting the LP12 back with all the upgrades so that I can revisit my vinyl collection with renewed enthusiasm.


Hi Trevor,

That is fantastic news, I greatly appreciate it.

If only more retailers had a similar focus on customer service.

Thanks and I can’t wait to try the speakers.


Brian, Trevor

Thank you for a most enjoyable evening, both myself and my wife were impressed by the warm welcome.

To hear Klimax being demonstrated to such a standard was quite impressive.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the demo of the new Akurate range of equipment.



Thanks for your time on Saturday. The DS is working perfectly and has been a total revelation both in terms of sound quality and convenience. We had a lot of fun setting up playlists of music that we had both forgotten we had!!

From my geeky audiophile perspective In terms of sound quality it is far, far better than I could have possibly imagined. Although it is a while ago that we listened to the original Akurate DS it strikes me that this new unit is much improved over the old. I have compared with my CD Player and it beats it hands down on every area that I can think of. I just have the (painful) process of ripping al my CD’s to hard drive. I have managed to do an additional 200 or so. Only around 1,200 to go!!

Thanks again for the great service.


Trevor and Brian

Thanks for ordering the cards, I look forward to hearing them.

I have changed the Linn silver balanced leads on the Klimax DS for a pair of Linn Silver RCA leads and Brian was right they do sound better.

We were very impressed today with both your knowledge and hospitality, we were also impressed with the relaxed atmoshere and the way you made us feel so welcome.

Best regards
J & S

Hi Trevor,

just thought i'd drop you a line to say how pleased i am with the updates you applied to my LP12 back in November. Although a little late in getting back to you it is only over the past month that have been able to give the deck sustained run outs. It has re-ignited my passion in HiFi and my enjoyment in listening to and re-discovering my LP collection.

Many thanks,

Dear Brian & Trevor,

Many thanks for your help yesterday. After leaving you I went back to work. I got home around 6:00 last night, and by 6:30 I was listening to music from my Akurate DS.

I’ll live with it for a week, then probably have some questions.

Meantime, thanks once again. I’ll be in touch soon with a view to you looking at my LP12 & updating it.


Hi Trevor and Brian

Just a few hours listening! The improvement is remarkable. The sound is fuller and there is far more detail. I heard the faint mic feedback on a live recording for the first time and on some of the big band records the noise from the original 78 transcription is more apparent - or seems so in comparison to the stunning silence between tracks! More positively, on orchestral works the instruments are much more defined and more clearly located. The sound stage is wider and deeper. Looking forward to hours of pleasure to come.


Hi Trevor

Just like to say thanks again to you and Brian, for a highly enjoyable and informative demonstration today and for the relaxed and pressure free environment you created. I'm looking forward to our next session, when i'll be able to hear the benefits of the turntable upgrade together with the Akurate pre/power amplifiers.



Hi Trevor and Brian,

Just to let you know how the LP12 has been since it's service and new motor.

As you'd played Robert Cray whilst we were at your place I used some of his records as a direct comparison when we got home - WOW it's never sounded better.

I left the Mana Soundtable in place for a few days then removed it, just for comparison, the sound was as Brian had predicted - so the Mana's gone.

Thanks for all the effort and advice just really leaves me wondering why it didn't sound as good as this when the Cirkus was fitted.

Thanks again C & S

NOTE from Brian & Trevor - This Cirkus Kit was already installed when this LP12 was brought to us for service.