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Our Policy

House of Linn is an audio and video entertainment systems consultancy and true centre of excellence for reference demonstrations, sales, installation, service, upgrades, advice and aftercare for all Linn source, control and playback components and systems.

We see clients only by appointment and we see only one client at a time so each client has enough time to relax, understand and experience the amazingly real music and video performance offered by Linn. House of Linn is a real house where you discover what Linn can do for you in your own home.


Now, after many years of enthusing people the world over with Linn’s musical performance, House of Linn can offer clients a true consultancy service.

Our knowledge and experience of proper Linn installation means that clients are able to understand, appreciate and enjoy the unique and sublime music and movie experience throughout the Linn range.

House of Linn is a natural domestic environment and typical comfortable home with the range of Linn performance options installed without compromise for permanent demonstrations in each of the four principal living rooms as well as Linn multi-room control to the hallways, bathroom, bedrooms and kitchen.



YOUR HOUSE OF LINN: A Linn Owners Resource.

Visits to House of Linn are by appointment only

We see only one client at a time.

House of Linn is a consultancy resource for advice, reference demonstration, service, sales, installation and aftercare of any Linn component, system or upgrade.

We are situated in a domestic environment to enable demonstration of the range of Linn performance options without compromise.

Importantly, House of Linn is a real house to discover what Linn can do for you in your own home.

We install and register all Linn purchases to ensure the ultimate and continued performance of your Linn component or Linn system bought at House of Linn.

News and Events:

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Appointments can be made in advance for normal weekday business hours, evenings and weekends.

Or, you can simply help us feel even more at home by contacting us just for advice.

We promise to demonstrate the best performance of music and movies and exceed your expectations at every price-point, with unsurpassed service, installation and aftercare.

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