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House of Linn is Europe's Leading Linn Audio Specialist Consultant, owned and operated by former Linn senior staff.

Better than any hi-fi shop, our music demonstration rooms are inside a house, in real living rooms and real living spaces, so you discover how we make your music sound as real in your home - network music players, music in one room, or multi-room audio systems and whole home audio. House of Linn is a real house where you discover how music should sound in your home.

For the best performance from a Linn audio system - talk to us.

We offer personal demonstrations, advice, sales, installation, service and aftercare. We combine thirty years of Linn's values, knowledge and experience, so our standards and Linn expertise are second to none.

Our website is designed to enable you to review the entire Linn products range, request a demonstration at House of Linn from any of the product pages, and to request product information from any of the product pages.

Our website also offers an on-line shopping facility for Linn accessories.

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We always remember our first experiences as hi-fi enthusiasts - and as customers, comparing different brands of audio systems - and then discovering the thrill of listening to our favourite recordings through hi-fi systems driven simply by a Linn source component, and how with Linn, recorded music became alive, realistic and truly moving.

Linn products and Linn systems continue to demonstrate recorded music better than any other brand, and we can never forget how owning a Linn Hi-Fi System continues to enrich our lives.

From Linn customers to advocates - (and virtually all Linn owners become strong advocates) - to House of Linn - because Linn gets us closer to the music than anything other than live performance. Talk to us, book a personal demonstration and you will hear why.

We specialise in best demonstration, sales and best-practice installation of Linn analogue and digital components, stereo music systems, multi-channel music systems, home cinema systems, network music players and networked multi-room music systems.

We have the best domestic demonstration facilities available in a real home for you to discover how we can make music sound real in your home.

We offer straightforward and professional expertise to help you improve the way you, your partners, families and friends feel at home with simply better sound for music and movies.

From single systems for music and movies to network music throughout the home and whole home audio - the listening experience at House of Linn is so good that demonstrations can last for hours.

Take a tour of the House on-line and read our news and events page for the latest information, or simply call us to chat.

Because House of Linn is owned and operated by former Linn staff, we are Europe's Leading Linn Specialist who deliver the full customer benefits of Linn's integrated capability.

Contact us to discover how we make music sound real in your home!

House of Linn is an independent limited company registered in the United Kingdom and is not a subsidiary company of Linn Products Limited.



House of Linn in Greater Manchester is your Linn centre of excellence for reference demonstrations, sales, installation, service, upgrades, advice and aftercare for all Linn Hi-Fi source, control and playback components and systems.

We have 30 years experience and knowledge of Linn components and systems.

We specialise exclusively in Linn, offering the range of Linn components and systems including powerful Linn Aktiv systems for stereo and multi-channel music and movies.

House of Linn is a large, comfortable Victorian home with the range of Linn systems installed without compromise for permanent demonstrations in each of the four principal living rooms.

House of Linn is a real house to enable you to discover what Linn can do for you in your home. Linn entertainment systems can deliver the experience of live performance in the home and House of Linn was conceived and designed to thrill customers who experience the Linn demonstration.



House of Linn offer individual, personalised demonstrations, sales, installation and aftercare for Linn audio components and systems.

We help you choose the best Linn audio components and systems for your requirements by demonstrating the range of Linn performance options so that you can decide for yourself.

We install and register your purchase to ensure the ultimate and continued performance of any Linn component or system.

We regularly update our news and events page so please review for current information.

In addition to special evening events at House of Linn, to appreciate the complete Linn experience we see clients by appointment, one client at a time, Monday - Saturday 10am-10pm, please email:

Telephone: 0161 766 4837

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House of Linn aka Brian & Trevor

Because of our Linn heritage as past employees of Linn Products we have been asked on many occasions by our clients and others about our former employment history with Linn. This comprehensive synopsis describes about how we came to work for Linn Products, our roles at Linn, and why we left our employment in 2007 after lengthy careers with Linn to subsequently create and fund our own Linn retail specialist consultancy - House of Linn.


This section includes information about ourselves and our work as Linn staff members from 1989 – 2007. Brian’s responsibilities included Linn’s PR and Marketing (1990-2007). Trevor was a Linn UK Sales Account Manager (1989-2007), a role that also included responsibilities in other countries and markets.


With our immersion in the Linn culture and products for so many years, and in our different roles at Linn we visited many Linn retailers in the UK and overseas, some of whom represented and demonstrated Linn superbly and others who did not. Frustrated by this, and after years discussing how we could create our own Linn retail consultancy, we eventually left our employment with Linn in 2007 to invest our funds and establish House of Linn Ltd. as an independent Linn retail consultancy that “does Linn right”.


We formed House of Linn as a "Linn Centre of Excellence "(Ivor's description published by the audio press in 2007 after we had formally announced our departure from Linn Products to establish House of Linn as our own independent business).


Since formation in 2007, House of Linn has operated from a real house, with real listening rooms and real living spaces, all networked for music, to create the Linn experience at home for our clients to experience. We designed and created the House of Linn website to comprehensively offer the Linn product range, for requesting information and for making demonstration appointments with us. There is also an on-line shop for buying Linn accessories and approved used and ex-dem Linn components. We demonstrate, sell, install and aftercare the entire Linn product range. On average, circa 4,000 people each month have viewed since we began business.


Before joining Linn we were Linn customers and Linn LP12 Sondek owners; and the same music and hi-fi enthusiasts we are today. We have installed Linn components and Linn systems for almost 25 years, and together now combine almost 50 years experience of Linn’s products and values.


We are now Expert Linn Retailers. Our technical skills across the range of Linn products are unbeatable as is our knowledge of Linn’s products old and new. We have been pleased to get to know our many clients who value our Linn skill and expertise with regard to turntable setup and system and network installations. We routinely service and set-up Linn turntables, Linn electronics, Linn systems and Linn network music systems. We offer the knowledge we gained working for Linn - our Linn expertise and services - to hundreds of clients in the UK and in Europe.


At Linn, our work with and for Ivor and the Linn sales teams was exhilarating, hard, fun and just mildly evangelical!  Trevor in his Linn sales role with UK and overseas Linn dealers and distributors and at audio shows. Brian had the privilege of meeting and briefing some of the most notable audio journalists, reviewers and editors, and the critical role of installing Linn products and systems for review by the audio press and at audio shows in the UK, America, and Scandinavia and in other European countries. Read some of these reviews below.


Brian & Trevor Linn History 1989 - 2007.




Prior to joining Linn, studied violin and guitar, worked as a marketing professional in the manufacturing, advertising and research sectors, and in 1989 designed a self-completion customer survey for Linn to mail to its customer database. This survey, the largest and most comprehensive Linn had undertaken, yielded an extraordinarily high response rate providing valuable data and insights about the Linn buying process, the customer retail experience of Linn and, more importantly, the impact and benefits that Linn ownership can bring to the enjoyment of recorded music and how listening to music through a Linn system expands upon core tastes in music to include a much wider repertoire. I knew from experience how Linn had enriched personal enjoyment and curiosity in a broader spectrum of recorded music; and the immeasurable benefits to my children growing up with a variety of Linn systems, listening, learning, appreciating an increasingly broader selection of music from our large record collection through Linn systems. Not surprisingly, having grown up engaging with music through Linn systems, my sons are now professionally trained musicians and multi instrumentalists with music degrees.


Employed by Linn in the UK from 1990-2007, initially as Marketing Manager working with Ivor, and later managing and developing Linn PR in the UK, the USA, and other countries in Europe from the mid 1990's through to 2007. As Linn's PR, presented, briefed, press released and installed Linn components and Linn systems for equipment reviews in the media and installed Linn systems for audio shows in the UK and internationally. Many of the press reviews and links to those reviews from this period are referenced below, especially from the USA, having spent a significant amount of time supporting Linn’s distribution into this market at that time with frequent and extensive visits to the USA to develop Linn's press relations generating news, product reviews and some corporate coverage in the American audio press. On the walls at Linn HQ in Glasgow, there are a dozen or so cover reprints of the press coverage for key products during the decade or so from the mid 1990's. Many of these published Linn reviews can now be found online, from Linn turntable reviews to full Linn stereo and home cinema systems of the day, including the groundbreaking CD12 and Klimax amplification. Links to these reviews are below.




One of my main objectives with Linn was working with retailers throughout UK, Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East to make a better sound with Linn for themselves and their customers. This included training Linn dealers in proper LP12 set up of Linn systems and components and running LP12 Klinniks and product launches, and from the mid 1990’s, running LP12 retraining courses for Linn dealers in the UK and for some dealers in other countries.


Before joining Linn, worked in audio and hi-fi retailing selling Linn and other quality brands and played drums in a number of local bands in and around my Oxford hometown. Employed by Linn from 1989 - 2007 in the UK sales team as Sales Account Manager working with UK retailers and also overseas retailers and distributors. “Thrown into the deep end” by Linn during first week with presentations at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show in 1989, with more of the same during subsequent annual “Live” shows at Earls Court in London, regular Linn Factory tours for customers and the Hear Linn Live regional events in the mid-90s.


Supported Linn systems with music events for passengers on board the QE2 from Hawaii to Auckland, in addition to regularly supporting Linn distributors in Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East. Responsible for maintaining Linn’s standards across the retail network as Linn expanded its product range from the mid 1990s. This included terminating a significant number of Linn dealers who fell short of expectations as well as those who did not want to deal with Linn any further. Took time off from Linn during this period to obtain a recording engineering qualification and rejoined the company in 2004.


Note about Linn reviews:


Some of the key Linn USA product reviews below, most products and all Linn systems were installed for review by Brian. There were also many Linn reviews in the audio press from other countries; however the US reviews in the USA are the most accessible and freely available on-line.


Linn Reviews: US Audio Publications 1998 - 2007 :


Linn Source Component Reviews


Linn Linto phono preamplifier review by Wes Phillips Stereophile 1998


Linn Sondek CD12 CD Player Review by Wes Phillips, Stereophile, 1999


Linn Sondek CD12 review 1999 Part 1


Linn Sondek CD12 review1999 Part 2


MY LINN LP-12 DREAM, by Harvey Rosenberg 2000


Conversation with Brian Morris 2002


Linn Sondek LP12 review Stereotimes 2002


Linn Sondek LP12 review Stereotimes 2003


Linn LP12 Review by Michael Fremer, Stereophile 2003


Linn Ekos SE tonearm, Keel LP12 Subchassis, & Trampolin Turntable Base Review by Art Dudley, Stereophile 2003


Linn Unidisk 1.1 Review by David Robinson , Positive Feedback Magazine 2004


Linn Sondek LP12 Turntable review by Bryan Southard , Audio Revolution 2004


Linn Majik CD Player Review by art Dudley, Stereophile Magazine 2007


Linn Ikemi CD Player review,


Linn Ikemi CD Player review


Linn Adikt MM Cartridge review


Linn at Glenn Poor, Chicago 2007


Linn Amplification Reviews


Linn Klimax Solo Power Amplifier Review by Jonathan Scull, Stereophile. 1999


Linn Klimax Kontrol Preamplifier and Klimax Twin Power Amplifier Review by Art Dudley, Stereophile, 2003


Linn Klimax Twin review 2003


Linn Klimax Kontrol review 2004


Linn Klimax Kontrol Preamplifier review,


Linn Klimax Kontrol Preamplifier review 2004


Linn Kisto Preamp / Processor / System Controller Review, by Michael Fremer Home Theater Magazine 2005


Linn Klimax Twin review by Wes Phillips


Linn Loudspeaker Reviews


Linn Komri loudspeaker Review by Jonathan Scull, Stereophile, 2002


Linn Akurate Launch Event 2003


Linn 328A Professional Loudspeakers Launch at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley 2003


Linn Sizmik Review by Ian White, 2003


Linn SIZMIK subwoofer review Positive Feedback 2003


Linn Komri Reference Monitor loudspeaker Review by David W. Robinson, Positive Feedback Magazine


Linn Akurate Speaker System Review by Michael Trei, Home Theater Magazine 2005


Linn System Reviews


Linn Keltik Aktiv System Review by David Robinson, Positive Feedback Magazine 1998


Linn AV 51 System review by Michael Fremer Home Theater Magazine 1999


Linn Classik review


Linn Classik and Kan Review by Steve Rochlin, 1996


The Kisto controller/processor, Unidisk 1.1 & Akurate 242, 225, and 212 loudspeakers review by David Robinson 2006


Linn Komponent Speaker System, Chakra C5100 Amplifier, and Unidisk SC Universal Disc Player Review by Michael Trei 2006


Stereophile - Linn in Products of the Year 1992-2006


Linn Majik System review. Absolute Sound 2007


Stereophile Interview with Ivor 2003



Footnote from Brian:


I also became friends with musicians and DJ's including bass maestro Tony Levin, “The Emperor of the Bass Guitar” as Peter Gabriel describes him. I had visited Tony numerous times at his Woodstock home to install and look after his Linn system. Tony was also featured in an interview I arranged, which was published in the January 2001 issue of Stereophile.


Tony Levin and Peter Gabriel also had a huge influence on my (then younger) musician sons in the ” Art Of The Performance”, going with Tony to see him perform with Peter Gabriel in the Growing Up concert tour in Manchester some 12 years ago, preceded by dinner with Tony at my home, now the home to House of Linn.


In the vinyl world of clubbing and disco, and a decade before the current vogue for vinyl listening events, I had the immense pleasure and challenge of setting up LP12 turntables from scratch for David Mancuso's famous Loft Parties and Love Saves The Day events in New York, Milan and Antwerp. With two fully loaded LP12 turntables and Linn 5103 Limbik processing driving 10,000 watt solid state PA systems in surround sound  for up to 2,000 people - the sound was absolutely stellar and mesmerising at Mancuso's events - the most powerful and clean sound of Linn you could ever hear at that time. I learned from David, as I learned from Ivor. Both have an exacting discipline and understanding of presenting recorded music.


We have yet to find a better system solution for playing music. Our passion for Linn began as customers which we morphed into lengthy careers as Linn employees. We took our passion, product expertise and obsession for accurate set up, including the LP 12. (There are some published myths about properly setting up an LP12 - there is no mystique, just straightforward understanding, skill and expertise).


We understand and practice “Source First” for building and upgrading Linn systems and know the Linn source and electronics hierarchy for upgrading Linn systems and how Linn can improve most hi-fi systems. We have fine ears for judging recorded music playback as those who have bought the brianandtrevors LP12 House Mat have already commented on this forum. Our skills continue to grow as we follow our interests and passion for music.


Our business model is to look after our clients from first conversations, dedicated personal appointments, home dems, installations and aftercare. We like to talk to clients and understand their system goals so all they have to do is Just Listen!


Thank you for reading and listening!


Kind regards


Brian & Trevor


August 7th 2013


About Linn

<b>About Linn</b>

Linn Products was established in 1972 by Ivor Tiefenbrun. Born in Glasgow, Ivor was passionate about two things – engineering and listening to music. When he couldn’t buy a hi-fi good enough to satisfy his needs he decided to make one himself.

In 1972 Linn introduced the Sondek LP12 turntable. The longest-lived hi-fi product still in production anywhere in the world, and still the benchmark by which all turntables are judged.

The remarkable ability of the Sondek LP12 turntable to extract more music information from records led to the understanding that retrieving and protecting the source signal carefully was what mattered most. An unusual company started by an unusual individual for unusual reasons.

Back in the early 70’s, the conventional industry wisdom was that sound quality was determined by good or bad speakers. The experts believed the hi-fi chain started with the speakers and worked down to the source of the music – at that time – the turntable. This understanding dominated the way the industry designed new systems. But Ivor believed the exact opposite to be true.

The source of the music was the most important element. As odd as it seemed at the time – his reasoning was pretty straightforward. Common sense really. To pick up the music on a turntable, the needle follows the record grooves for information stored in the groove walls. Movements so minute, they are measured in microns. It’s when you scale the ‘groove world’ up to inches that things start to get pretty hair raising. Suddenly you are in a deep crevice. The walls are undulated. Approaching at an alarming speed is a bobsled. As it hurtles through the passage it has to pick up tiny pieces of information. The bobsled is, or course, the needle. And to pick up a deep organ note it has to swerve 10 feet 6 inches. For a high violin note it’s less than an inch. A difference which may not seem staggering in itself. Until you stop to consider that the needle is travelling 6 miles per second. And that the pivot point of the lever controlling it is 4 miles away. In these terms you can see how easy it is to miss out on critical information.

These same principles apply today. No speakers in the world can bring back lost music. It must be dealt with at its source, for example, the DS player or CD player, the DVD player or the Tuner. A painfully obvious idea. Yet at that time the entire industry ridiculed it. Because it pointed out they were wrong. So Ivor ignored them. And quietly set about building a turntable.

1972 Linn Products was born

1972 Linn Products was born

The Linn Sondek LP12 turntable revolutionised the hi-fi industry proving categorically that the source of the music is the most important component in the hi-fi chain. Linn then set out to make the other components in the hi-fi chain as revolutionary as the first, setting new standards for performance over the years with each new product.

Today, Linn is a substantial independent precision engineering company based in Glasgow, Scotland, uniquely focused on the design, manufacture and sale of complete music and home theatre systems for customers the world over who seek only the best. Linn music and home cinema systems are hand-built and precision engineered in Scotland and can be found throughout the world in luxury homes, royal residences, and on-board the world’s finest superyachts.

Everyone has the ability to appreciate music. It can spark the imagination, help you relax and change your mood, as well as provide entertainment and pleasure. The job of a sound system is to reproduce music. The better it does this, the better it sounds - the more benefit it offers. The best sound systems can change your life. Real hi-fi provides more accurate reproduction than standard mass-produced products, and makes it easy to respond naturally to recorded music. The better the music reproduction you have at home, the more pleasure your sound system will bring and the more you’ll enjoy an ever-widening variety of music. All Linn products are designed to deliver exceptional audio performance and to bring you the ultimate music and movie experience. Precision engineering, attention to detail and a keen understanding of customer needs shape every component, from the most complex home theatre solution to the most discreet music system.

True to the music

True to the music

You know how much pleasure music brings to your life. It can pick you up. It can calm you down. It can move your feet and stimulate your mind. Because Linn believe in being true to the music, the focus has always been on developing systems that reproduce sound as faithfully as possible to the original recording.

Over the decades experience gave Linn a clear understanding of how sound travels from recording to loudspeakers, and an appreciation that the sound reproduction process is only as strong as its weakest link. Only music and movies reproduced to the highest standards can bring you lasting pleasure, so at Linn accurate reproduction always comes first.

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail

Linn believe everything can be improved by human interest and attention to detail. So the same person builds, tests, and packs a complete product from start to finish. This ensures a standard of construction and a sense of pride and involvement that is just not possible on a production line. They take all the time necessary to ensure every detail is correct. Only then will the person responsible for building the product personally sign their name on the back and pack it for despatch. Every product can be tracked all the way from that individual to the customer, anywhere in the world.

"If a system is not good enough to change your life, it is probably not worth buying. A good system should change the way you live and the way you feel for the better". - - Ivor Tiefenbrun M.B.E. Executive Chairman, Linn Products Limited.

"To us, music in your life is a necessity and quality reproduction essential. The unique, pure sound of Linn is the most accurate sound possible, delivering the most involving music and the most absorbing cinema. We believe our approach is the best, but the way to judge us is to listen to our products".

"Linn are a precision engineering company and we make precision engineered sound and vision components. Our job is the application of measurement and making things work. The making things work bit is not at all well understood. It’s called engineering. It is the hard and gruelling part of delivering superior performance".

"We know that once a customer buys a Linn system, the longer they have it the more they appreciate it, the more their taste in music expands and the more prepared they are to invest in its maintenance and development. This is one of the reasons a Linn system retains so much more value and lasts so much longer than anything else. It is possible to enjoy music in a genre with which you are already familiar and which you have learned to appreciate, even on a pretty poor system, but that level of sound reproduction is not good enough to help a country music person enjoy opera or vice versa. A good system will enable the listener to make this kind of transition and expand their taste in many dramatic ways because all music has merit".

Ivor Tiefenbrun M.B.E. Executive Chairman, Linn Products Limited.

A single-minded philosophy guaranteeing outstanding product performance.

Linn systems are sold only by selected specialist retailers who share Linn’s commitment to music and home theatre. Our advice to customers has always been simple: if it sounds better, it is better. All you have to do is listen. Linn call this method of judging a system, the Tune Dem™.

Linn In The Digital Age

Linn In The Digital Age

The introduction of the Linn range of Digital Source components in 2007 by Gilad Tiefenbrun, Linn's Managing Director, (then as Linn's Director of Engineering) continues to re-affirm the importance and value of the source component in the hi-fi chain.

As the 1972 Linn Sondek LP12 Turntable was Ivor's product in the context of its significance in establishing Linn Products Limited, the Linn DS is "Gilad's LP12" and in so-doing Gilad has in fact reinvented the wheel by designing a digital source component as significant to retrieving digitally recorded music as the LP12 turntable was and still is, to the reproduction of music stored on vinyl.

Built to last

Built to last

Linn’s philosophy of making systems that are modular, expandable and upgradeable ensures you can develop your system over a lifetime, gradually improving its performance. Customers who love music have built Linn’s business, so we look after them. Linn continually improve their products and make it easy for customers to upgrade their systems if they wish. You can start with a system that is right for you today and, upgrading step by step, improve and expand your system to build up to the very best. Because Linn have a commitment to progress through learning, simplification and improvement, they are continually looking for ways to further develop their products, always to the benefit of both new and existing customers.

Totally Integrated

Totally Integrated

At Linn manufacturing is an integrated process, from product design, all the way through to after-sales service.

All aspects of Linn’s products are designed in-house. All the key processes, from casting molten metal and machining precision components to manufacturing advanced and complex electronic circuits, are controlled by Linn people. The ability to design a module in the morning and test it in manufacturing in the afternoon enables swift problem resolution. It means new breakthroughs or improvements can be implemented quickly across the product range.

The freedom and independence this creates have enabled Linn to make an astonishing commitment to sound quality. An organisation that puts customers first completes a truly integrated capability.

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Because House of Linn is owned and operated by former Linn staff, we are Europe's Leading Linn Specialist who deliver the customer benefits of Linn's integrated capability better than anyone else. Contact House of Linn to discover how we make music sound real in your home!