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Linn's policy has always been to enable Linn owners to upgrade their Linn components and Linn systems with the latest Linn developments, to improve performance wherever possible.

For example, the Linn Sondek LP12 turntable (and other Linn products) have undergone many revisions since introduction, all available to Linn owners.

LP12 Servicing, Re-sets and Upgrades:

We regularly service and upgrade LP12 turntables, including a standard LP12 re-set and service, with new grommets, springs, and bearing oil for as little £225 including VAT. This fee is waived when an LP12 is brought to House Of Linn for a performance upgrade, such as Lingo, Radikal Power supplies or Keel sub-chassis etc.

We are therefore able to advise and upgrade Linn components and systems to current specification whenever an upgrade exists.

Contact us for the best advice and service when upgrading your source components and Linn system.

We upgrade new and older passive Linn systems to Aktiv Linn systems for best performance, giving your Linn system the ultimate level of performance and rewarding your investment in Linn.

Servicing and Repairs:

Linn only supply service information to authorised service and repair agents and therefore service manuals are not publicly available. This ensures that all Linn products are repaired to the highest standards and Linn's delicate components are only handled by trained service personnel. House of Linn is an ELITE Linn dealer and service agent.

From time to time your Linn component or system may need servicing.

With our many years' experience and as we are ex-Linn employees, we are able to give you sound advice and offer you the best course of action to follow to improve the performance of your Linn component and Linn system.

In the unlikely event of a Linn component requiring a repair therefore, we only use Linn's resources, so whatever we cannot repair, we tell you the problem, the cost involved, and if you agree to this, we send your product to Linn for repair on your behalf.

All such repairs are warrantied for three months.

Contact us by phone or email with any product enquiry.

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