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Talk to us for the best performance from Linn Products; a Linn home audio system, Linn Hi-Fi system, Home Cinema System, Linn DS Multi-room system, wireless home audio and wireless control.

For personal Linn demonstrations, Linn advice, Linn sales, Linn installation, Linn service and Linn aftercare - talk to Brian or Trevor. We are the Linn experts.

We demonstrate the full Linn range of audio components and audio systems and offer the best advice to get the top performance for your budget from Linn Klimax, Linn Akurate and Linn Majik hi-fi components and hi-fi systems.

We are an authorised Linn Service Centre for any Linn audio component and Linn hi-fi system including Linn Sondek LP12 Turntables, LP12 servicing, LP12 resets and LP12 upgrades, including Linn LP12 Tonearms – Ekos SE and Akito, Linn Moving Magnet and Moving Coil Cartridges – Adikt, Akiva and Klyde, Linn Power Supplies – Lingo and Radikal, Linn Phono Stages – Linto and Uphorik.

To arrange an appointment for a Linn demonstration at House of Linn please call or visit the book a demonstration page and enter your details and we will contact you. Appointments can be booked 10am - 10pm Monday to Saturday, last demonstration appointment is 8pm. Sundays - by prior arrangement.

You can also select any of the products below to book a demonstration of individual components.

You can also call us on +44 (0) 161 766 4837 between 10am - 6pm Monday to Saturday.

As with all Linn components and Linn systems, to get the best performance from your Hi-Fi system requires a House of Linn installation in your home. With 30 years of Linn experience, our standards and expertise are second to none, if you are buying Linn it makes sense to buy from House of Linn.

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How do I System Build
Linn DSM Network Music Players
Rediscover your music collection with Linn DSM (digital music player) . Linn DSM range of digital music players play everything and sound amazing. Available at Klimax, Akurate and Majik level, Linn’s range of DSM Systems is designed to play anything you want to listen to and make it sound better.
Linn Turntables
Linn’s Sondek LP12 turntable remains the standard by which turntables are judged. Customise every part of an LP12 or get your vinyl revival started with a complete Majik LP12 turntable.
Linn Integrated Amplifiers
Linn Majik I Integrated Amplifier is a combined pre and power stereo amplifier housed in one compact unit .

Sets new performance benchmark for integrated amplifiers.
Linn Preamplifiers
Klimax Kontrol is Linn's finest stereo pre-amplifier, precision engineered to extract the best performance from any connected source. The Akurate Kontrol preamplifier uses the latest Linn technologies to isolate and maximise only the selected source signal. Connect up to seven stereo sources to your Akurate Kontrol, with a dedicated phono stage for your turntable and front panel connector for your iPod or portable music player
Linn Power amplifiers
The Linn Klimax is a premium performance amplifier, combining accurate, efficient power with Linn reference sound quality. The Linn Akurate and Majik offer High quality stereo and multi-channel power amplification for music and movies.
Linn Exakt Box
Linn Exakt Box with Katalyst DAC architecture use advanced circuit designs and the highest available specification of electrical components to deliver the best possible audio signal to your loudspeakers.
Linn Loudspeakers
Superb engineering, quality materials, solid build and attention to detail combine to make Linn speakers special. At House of Linn, we invite you to listen to what Linn speakers can deliver in a real life home.
Linn Dynamik Power Supply
Linn DYNAMIK powers the product more effectively whilst optimising audio performance and reducing noise levels further to ensure you hear more of what matters most – the music.
The Linn DYNAMIK Power Supply transforms system performance, creating a new benchmark for each Linn range. The results – which must be heard to be believed - are simply spectacular.
Linn Accessories
Review Linn Accessories:

Linn LP12 T. Kable 1.1 & 1.7m, Linn LP12 Belts

Linn LP12 45RPM Adaptor

Linn LP12 Lid Hinges, Linn LP12 Perspex Lid

Linn LP12 Arm Board

Linn Universal Remote Handset

Linn Silver & Black RCA - RCA Interconnect leads

Linn Silver & Black Balanced XLR Interconnect leads

Linn RCA & XLR Connectors

Quadraspire QX7 Skeet